Baltimore’s Druid Hill Trademark

Baltimore’s Druid Hill Park Another icon of Baltimore is Druid Hill Park. It is not a registered trademark, but Baltimore’s Druid Hill is the first large municipal park. Not only is the park made up of 745 acres, but it is also full of early American history. The Susquehannock Indians took the land in [...]

Baltimore’s Little Havana Restaurant Trademark – Rights and Protection of Unregistered Trademarks

Baltimore’s Little Havana Restaurant Trademark  The striking blue facade of the Little Havana restaurant has caught the attention of Baltimore residents and tourists alike for more than 20 years. This landmark restaurant opened its doors in 1997 as a Cuban themed restaurant known for its great atmosphere, vintage decor, and waterfront view. Little Havana [...]

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Hello From Baltimore Trademark Attorney Charles Riddle and

Hello From Baltimore Trademark Attorney Charles Riddle Welcome to  Baltimore Trademark Attorney.  The Trademark Process Simplified. Trademark Searches, Trademark Applications, Trademark Registrations. Our Trademark Lawyer has 20+ years experience in trademark law. Allow us to help you.  Do it right the first time.     A Hello [...]

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