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Baltimore Trademark Application News

Current, exciting trademark application news relevant to the greater Baltimore Area.

Charm’tastic Mile Trademark

The Charm’tastic Mile Trademark Registration

The Charm’tastic Mile trademark was registered on September 15, 2020, for use in the following business: Chamber of Commerce Services, namely, promoting business and tourism in a specific downtown approximately mile area of Baltimore, Maryland. The trademark registration is owned by The Charm’tastic Mile of Baltimore Inc. located at 120 N. Luzerne Avenue, First Floor, Baltimore, Maryland 21224-1147.

About The Charm’tastic Mile Trademark (Love That 1.3)

The Charm’tastic Mile represents the Ceremonial/Honorary 1.3 mile corridor that connects Downtown-West, the Inner Harbor & Harbor East in the heart of Downtown Baltimore. Inspired by The Magnificent Mile (Chicago), The Charm’tastic Mile was introduced to the city in 2016, and is now home to a variety of iconic hotels, restaurants, museums, and shops.

Charm'tastic Mile Trademark

Baltimore was given the nickname, “Charm City” by Mayor William Donald Schaefer in 1975. Now, during the troubling times we face in 2020, Baltimore is hoping to create a new outlook and stimulate the economy with the creation of The Charm’tastic Mile. The iconic street follows in the footsteps of famous attractions such as Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills and The Magnificent Mile in Chicago which appeal to tourists and residents alike.

Did you know?

The Charm’tastic Mile was introduced exactly 65 years to the day after the famous Domino Sugars neon sign (April 25, 1951.) If you’ve seen an image of the Baltimore skyline, you’ve likely noticed the iconic neon sign.

The Charm’tastic Mile Store is now offering souvenir products for supporters and visitors to show their appreciation for the mile.

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Baltimore’s Druid Hill Trademark

Baltimore’s Druid Hill Park

Another icon of Baltimore is Druid Hill Park. It is not a registered trademark, but Baltimore’s Druid Hill is the first large municipal park. Not only is the park made up of 745 acres, but it is also full of early American history. The Susquehannock Indians took the land in 1652 because it had access to the spring water and was known to be an ideal site for Native Americans. Today it has many great amenities including tennis courts, disc golf course, a pool, picnic areas, and many more that allow for a fun time with friends and family. In addition, it is in close proximity to other parks and shops that allow for a fun day in Baltimore.

druid hill Baltimore

Baltimore’s Druid Hill Park Trademark

Druid Hill Park is not trademarked as a park or a name of a park, but is an inactive trademark for grass seeds. So, the name Druid Hill Park, for use of the park in Baltimore, would be protected under common law trademark. Although it is not registered for the park, the name DRUID HILL is trademarked for whiskey and Irish whiskey.

Druid Hill Whiskey 

Druid Hill Whiskey is crafted in the old Irish tradition. Druid Hill Whisky is owned by ASW Distillery based out of Georgia. Druid Hills is in reference to the decades that the Druids of Celtic Ireland spent mastered the art of making whiskey. 

Druid Hill 

Although Druid Hill Whiskey and Baltimore’s Druid Hill Park are unrelated, they both take inspiration from the name Druid, being a high ranking class in ancient Celtic cultures. DRUID HILL is only trademarked for whiskey and not the park.

 Should Baltimore Trademark Druid Hill?

Baltimore certainly can apply to register Druid Hill as a federal trademark.  It may get rejected as being geographically descriptive of a location. That’s what happened with DRUID HILL Whiskey, but they were able to overcome the rejection claiming DRUID HILL is “remote and obscure when considered from the perspective of the average American consumer of Irish whiskey It would be interesting to see how the Trademark Office reviews the application.

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Baltimore’s Little Havana Restaurant Trademark – Rights and Protection of Unregistered Trademarks

Baltimore’s Little Havana Restaurant Trademark 

The striking blue facade of the Little Havana restaurant has caught the attention of Baltimore residents and tourists alike for more than 20 years. This landmark restaurant opened its doors in 1997 as a Cuban themed restaurant known for its great atmosphere, vintage decor, and waterfront view. Little Havana has since grown into a favorite spot for dinner, parties, events and catering. The continued success of this Baltimore staple piqued the curiosity of our team at BaltimoreTrademarks.comis Little Havana registered as a trademark with the USPTO?

Little Havana Baltimore Restaurant Trademark

A recent search of the Trademark Office records show that the name, LITTLE HAVANA, is not registered for the purpose of Baltimore’s Iconic Restaurant. However, we did see that LITTLE HAVANA is registered for the purpose of beer. The Tank, LLC is the owner of this trademark and is a craft brewery based in South Florida. The Tank, LLC has owned this trademark since March 2016, almost 20 years after Baltimore’s Little Havana Restaurant opened its doors.

Enforcing Rights in Unregistered Trademarks

Despite not being registered with the USPTO, the owner of Little Havana Restaurant has some trademark rights. These rights are known as Common Law Trademark Rights. So, although the iconic Little Havana restaurant in Baltimore is not a federally registered trademark, the owners still can assert common law rights. This includes rights to oppose trademark applications, cancel trademark registrations, and also the ability to sue for infringement. These common law trademark right to protect unregistered brands like Baltimore’s Little Havana. View the following for a more detailed explanation of Common Law Trademark Rights.

Even without a trademark registration, the restaurant thrives in the city of Baltimore all while maintaining its trusted brand identity. This is common with many restaurants and businesses, as they have not registered their names with the Trademark Office. In the end, owning a federal trademark registration allows a business to solidify its ownership rights nationwide – and obtain the additional rights associated with a registered trademark.

Little Havana Restaurant Trademark Benefits 

A registered trademark provides nationwide rights, and is presumed valid by courts. In addition, a registered trademark will block any future trademark applications. After five years of registration, the owner may file a Section 8&15 Declaration to have the registration deemed legally incontestable. A registered trademark also gives credibility to e-commerce providers such as Amazon, which is something that has been very important in recent years. Finally, a registered trademark provides a basis for Foreign Trademark applications and is used to prevent importation of unauthorized goods. Visit our post about the Benefits of a Trademark Registration for a more detailed explanation.

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Hello From Baltimore Trademark Attorney Charles Riddle and

Hello From Baltimore Trademark Attorney Charles Riddle

Welcome to  Baltimore Trademark Attorney.  The Trademark Process Simplified. Trademark Searches, Trademark Applications, Trademark Registrations. Our Trademark Lawyer has 20+ years experience in trademark law. Allow us to help you.  Do it right the first time.


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A Hello Message From Baltimore Trademark Attorney

Hello and welcome. I’m honored to be in a position to help individuals and businesses with their trademark application needs. Twenty Years! I’ve been working in trademark law for over 20 years. It goes by fast!

My work in trademark law began as an intern with a multi-generational boutique intellectual property law firm that had a long documented history back to Abraham Lincoln. The retired partners would join us for our annual Christmas luncheon. Every year, before lunch would end, Patent Attorney grandson George Harding would tell us the story of his Grandfather Patent Attorney George Harding. George Harding had retained Abraham Lincoln to work on a litigation regarding Cyrus McCormick’s reaper.

I recall one of the first cases I worked on in 2000. It was a trademark infringement lawsuit in Federal Court in the Central District of California. The litigation involved a trademark application for the word PAPERCLAY. Over the years, I worked on many trademark and patent cases, and I learned from each experience.

Over Twenty Years Experience as a Trademark Attorney

Well, 20 years have passed, and I have demonstrated experience trademark law, trademark applications, and trademark litigation in the federal courts throughout the United States.Over those years the focus of my practice became concentrated on the trademark application process and the trademark registration process.

I’ve opened an office in Baltimore to better serve clients in the region. Because trademark law is federal, I serve clients in all 50 states and US Territories, and foreign clients seeking trademark applications here in the United States.

Baltimore: Trademark law is my passion, and I look forward to serving you. I truly enjoy what I do. Welcome to Baltimore Trademark Attorney. The Trademark Process Simplified. We provide trademark searches, trademark application crafting, and trademark registration maintenance. Our Trademark Lawyer has 20+ years experience in trademark law. Allow us to help you. Do it right the first time!

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